The first question is asked by those who are using Cisco devices for the first time is that how can I connect to Cisco devices. It needs kind of cable which is called rollover cable.

Rollover cable
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rollover cable contains RJ-45 and RS-232 and as it is demonstrated in below picture, RJ-45 is connected to switch and on the other hand RS-232 is connected to PC.

Console to PC
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Today’s PCs usually don’t have RS-232 port. You have to buy kind of convertor for RS-232 to USB or you can use new rollover cable which is RJ45 to USB.

you can use kind of these software in PC to connect to switch through the console port. Putty is a famous software which supports SSH, Telnet, Serial.

I’ve uploaded a video in Youtube to become familiar how to connect rollover cable to switch and how to connect switch through Putty

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